La Buvette Restaurant Bruxelles

Restaurant Comme Chez Soi (Etoil

Knees To Chin

Ouvert depuis quelques semaine

L’Ouzerie du Nouveau Monde

L’Ouzerie du Nouveau Monde est un restaurant de la chauss

Le Malte

Le Malte est un endroit sympa

Noordzee – Mer du Nord

Nordzee figure parmi les incontournables de la Place Sainte-Catherine. Tous les vrais Brusseleirs et amateurs de poisson qui se respectent fr

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Tout savoir sur le Schievelavabo situ

De Valera’s Irish Pub ne poss

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Italian Brasserie by excellence, The Fornostar will delight you with its surprisingly warm design interior, its tasty cuisine -a blend of modernity and tradition- as well as its spontaneous welcome that only an Italian team can ensure. Located on the Place Sainte-Catherine, in one of the most festive neighborhoods of the capital, The Fornostar will be ‘the sparkling intermezzo’ of Italian cuisine and atmosphere lovers.


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Publico is a lounge atmosphere in a trendy neighborhood serving fresh, creative cuisine. This intimate space achieves the feel of a coffee house, relaxing lunch spot, and evening dining with flair.

Proprietor, Ben is well known for his discerning taste. Having traveled extensively, he cultivates a passion and love for fine cuisine. Much like people from many nations converge on Brussels to live, work, and relax, Publico’s menu reflects its surroundings. The menu is a mix of classic fine dining, varied ethnic influences, and a modern, cosmopolitan presentation. Guests dining from various cities from Barcelona to Milan to London and New York have expressed feeling at home in Publico. The space lends itself for intimate conversation, a relaxing reading spot, or a jubilant celebration of friends.

In fact, Ben’s contemporary outlook is evident throughout this chic space. His impeccable taste in choosing his guests’ surroundings make this not only a fashionable hot spot, but an enduring local staple for dining, relaxing, and celebrating.

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Delirium Cafe Bruxelles

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Non loin de la rue des bouchers

Il Cappuccino

il Cappucciono est un restaurant Italien situ

Resto dans un tram

Le Comptoir

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